Facebook’s Open Source Play – Six Months Too Late?

Interesting news today on the social app front – looks like Facebook is open sourcing their app platform.   So what does this mean?  Justin Smith on the Inside Facebook blog has some good analysis:

For developers, the increased standardization of social containers will always be a good thing. However, as developers have learned with OpenSocial, just because different containers adopt the same architecture doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to port between containers. Different containers have different restrictions and extensions, so some changes will always need to be made.

Although it’s good to see Facebook moving in this direction, one has to ask the question: why didn’t they make this announcement before Open Social launched?  This would have been a great move to get the social networks to standardize on a single platform, instead of giving Open Social an easy six month head start.  While in the long run it’s always good to have competition, it’s tough for developers who had to port their apps to a whole new language (and a beta one at that) just to get access to some of the other social platforms.


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