Lucky Number 7?

Disclaimer: I work for MS and own stock in the company.  Please note that this and all posts on this blog reflect my personal opinions and absolutely do not represent the official views of MS.  If you’re looking for my official MS views, see here and here.  🙂

Big news from the “D” conference last night, as Bill and Steve gave the first public demo of one of the features in the next version of Windows, code named Windows 7.  The one feature that was showcased heavily was the new multi-touch capabilities originally used with Microsoft Surface. While we’ve see this interface before, I see this announcement as the first sign that multi-touch will go mainstream.  This poses a big question that every developer and designer should be asking themselves: what is going to be the “killer app” for multi-touch?  Considering this is about to be rolled out to hundreds of millions of users within the next five years, you may want to spend a few minutes today brainstorming the possibilities.  I know I will.



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