Top Five Tech Quotes of the Day

My mom wants me to move in with her, so my demand will be being able to rewire the entire house with cat 6, and a file server running either solaris 10 or debian stable in the basement.

Comment by a reader referring to DLink’s plan to route Ethernet packets through existing co-ax cable lines (link)

I like Google

Jerry Yang, responding to Walt Mossberg’s question at the D conference about outsourcing Yahoo’s search advertising to Google (link)

Well it wouldn’t be a Developer event if there wasn’t a long-haired developer from Seattle

Nat Brown, CTO of iLike, during the Google IO keynote (link)

Microsoft has built up a culture of crisis

Ray Ozzie, talking about Microsoft’s historical ability to respond to competitive threats (link)

He stated he needed the money to pay off debts and stated that this was one way to earn money…

Reasoning behind Michael Largent’s Office-Space-esque plan to write scripts to open several thousand accounts and accumulate the pennies that are deposited every time online trading sites check a bank account for authenticity.  It might have worked, but he probably forgot to put in a decimal point.  (link


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